League of Legends Reports 8 Million Daily Players Ahead of 10th Anniversary

League of Legends has plans for their 10-year anniversary, but ahead of it, Riot has reported record players for the game on a daily basis.

League of Legends officially launched on October 27, 2009. We’re coming up on 10 years of the one of the few games to give DOTA 2 a run for its money in both growth and esports and, of course, Riot wants to celebrate. They’re getting ready to throw a major anniversary event for the game, but ahead of the event, Riot Games took a victory lap, announcing record numbers of players playing League of Legends daily.

Riot made their announcement in a press release and on the League of Legends website on September 17, 2019. On October 15, Riot will be launching a livestream and celebratory event in honor of League’s 10-year anniversary. The details of the anniversary event were not announced just yet, but the livestream will include a special anniversary edition of Riot Pls, in which Riot Games will look back at the decade and talks about what comes next for League of Legends.

In addition to the anniversary festivities, Riot also proudly announced that League of Legends’ recent reports worldwide show peaks of 8 million players engaging in the game daily. Bear in mind, that’s 8 million players playing concurrently, which means many more actually joining in and jumping out throughout the day.

The success of League of Legends always ebbs and flows with the end of Seasons where rewards are announced and/or coming, as well as when major tournaments like League of Legends Worlds are happening. That said, the addition of popular new mode Teamfight Tactics can certainly be credited with boosting the game as well. The mode has offered players an awesome new way to engage with the game, not to mention amassing popularity with each update, such as the 9.19 release of Kai’Sa.

Either way, 10 years is a lot of time to sit so proudly near the top of competitive gaming, and League of Legends shows no signs of slowing down. We’ll look forward to what comes next and be sure to share details on the 10th Anniversary League of Legends events as they become available.